To see a growing community of Christ followers,
working together to make Jesus known in Monmouth County,
and inviting and inspiring others to follow him.


Centrality of Christ Jesus is Lord. He is our redeemer, who has saved us by His grace. He is our only help, and hope. He is the head of our church. Therefore, we value all practices and patterns of behavior that foster genuine connection with him, putting us under his gracious authority, care, and guidance.

Scripture We believe that scripture is God’s word, and the unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ. In all matters of faith and practice, the scriptures are our guide. Therefore we value activities which help us hear God’s address through scripture, and we will direct resources, time and energy to that end.

Prayer God’s love for us includes His decision to listen to us when we pray. When we bring our needs to him in prayer, and listen to Him, He offers the guidance and help that we need.  He gives us the power to do the good that He calls us to when we ask for it in prayer. We therefore value prayer as a vital and necessary part of our relationship with God.

Welcome We value patterns of life together that welcome all people, as God in Christ has welcomed us. Ministries will be created to connect people who are in various places in faith and life to the mission of God in and through our church.

Shared Ministry We value every member as a participant in the ministry and mission of the church, believing that Jesus has given gifts to all, for the upbuilding of the body of Christ in love. Therefore, for the sake of faithful participation in the mission God has given us, we will value commitment to membership and to relationships of mutual upbuilding. And we will value efforts which responsibly form people for effective leadership and witness.

Outreach Following the pattern of God’s redeeming activity in Jesus, we value efforts that seek to reach out to others with the good news of the Gospel. In Christ, God has reached out to the world. Empowered, equipped, and sent by him, we will seek to reach out as his ambassadors, heralds, and witnesses in ministries that are oriented outside of our church.

Mercy Reflecting God’s self giving and healing love for the world in Christ, we value actions of compassion and mercy for all. We will remain committed to caring for one another in love, and turning outward to the world around, using our resources to serve others in need.

Renewal Park Church is a community for the world. We value all efforts to join God in the renewal of all things in Christ. As we are made new, we become agents of the Gospel in every vocation, relationship, institution and endeavor for which God has made us and the world around us. In this way we point the world to the hope and promise of what is to come, when all things will be made new in Christ.

Download the Vision & Values here.

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