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Eternal Life, Good Forever.

On Sunday, our friend Vito pictured for us the new heavens and new earth: the picture of what the world/life will be in and for eternity. It is an inspiring vision given to us in Revelation 21: a life without tears of grief and pain, a life without death, a life without sin, a life… Read more »

So What About the Resurrection?

This Sunday’s sermon was a big one…not in length, but in what it tried to cover: everything from after Jesus’ death through the birth of the community of Christ’s followers (the Church). So that’s Jesus’ burial, his descent into hell, his glorious resurrection, his ascension into heaven, and the sending of his ongoing presence through… Read more »

Why Does Park Church Find Jesus Compelling???

Here’s your inspiring answers! “Check out why Park Church finds Jesus compelling!” From I Find Jesus Compelling Because…, posted by Park Church on 6/30/2015 (78 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

I Find Jesus Compelling Because…

Why do you find Jesus compelling? This is the question that was thematic on Sunday. Christian spoke about how compelling Jesus is to believers and non-believers alike: the way he was (and still is) a world-changing teacher, the way he was unafraid in the face of affliction, the way he broke social boundaries, etc. But… Read more »

Is It So Far Fetched?

As a kid, I was young enough to witness with my friends the crossover from black and white television to color. The fact that we still only had 7 channels certainly didn’t bother us – what did we know?! I vividly recall the rich experience of watching for the first time those epic, large scale… Read more »

Illustrating Everything

How do we illustrate God’s love to others? While this is a proper question we should ask ourselves regularly, I am willing to bet most of us aren’t talking about literal pen to paper illustrating. As someone who regularly creates the visuals for Park’s sermon series, I do. And when it comes to this current… Read more »

God Meets Us Here as Injured Love

A snippet on God’s judgment, from Hendrikus Berkhof’s Christian Faith (133-4), The gospel leaves no doubt whatsoever that we may surrender ourselves in complete confidence to the gracious love of God. Only when we refuse to do that do we become the guilty victims of a duality in God (ed. note: meaning his wrath and… Read more »

Is this God’s Judgment for What I’ve Done?

Is this God’s judgment for what I’ve done? “This is God’s judgment. I’m being punished for what I’ve done,” Mary exclaimed definitively. “Why else would God do this to me?” “I’m not sure about that,” I answered. “I’m just not sure that’s how God works.” This is the beginning of a conversation I have at… Read more »

The Lesson of Longing and the Romance of Rescue

The question raised in this week’s sermon, “why doesn’t God just wave a magic wand and fix everything?,” is a question that goes deep to the heart of God’s desire for relationship and the whole nature of human existence. There’s something about the incompleteness and imperfection of things that seems perfectly suited to appreciating God and our nature… Read more »

Where Are You?

There is a simple phrase in Genesis 3:9 that I’ve had underlined in my Bible for years as a simple reminder of what kind of God we serve and His love for us, “Where are you?” The question itself is almost comical – here is God Himself, the all knowing Creator, the Lord of all… Read more »