June 11 at Park Church


On Sunday June 11, we’ll have a special schedule: Congregational Meeting at 9:45, one Worship Service at 10:45, and our Spring BBQ at 12:00.

At the 45 minute Congregational Meeting, we’ll update the community on all of the progress that our Intentional Interim Pastor, Staff, and Elders are making towards the 2017 church-wide initiatives.

The worship service will be a standard worship service at 10:45 (so don’t come at 9:00!).

And then our Spring BBQ will happen at noon!  This is going to be a fun time eat together, hang out with one another, get to know some new folks, and the kids can play games, etc.  Make sure to invite someone new to the BBQ – even if they don’t want to come to anything beforehand – invite them to the BBQ anyway!  It looks to be a great time.