Men’s Ministry

At the conclusion of the Gospel of Luke (24:48) and the beginning of the book of Acts (1:8), Jesus uses one term to characterize his followers: witnesses. A witness is someone who has seen and experienced something specific, and so, is able to tell others about what he’s seen. These are the two aspects that make someone a witness, like two sides of one coin. Jesus reveals himself to us only so that we may know him (side one) and be able to share him with the world that does not know him (side two). This, according to Jesus as attested in Luke and Acts, is what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Christ, His disciple.

Men’s ministry exists to build-up, strengthen, and encourage both sides of this coin in the men connected to Park. This is not for their own good, or even for the good of the church, but for the good of the world whose eyes have not yet been enlightened to so great a salvation (Heb. 2:3). Men’s ministry aims to facilitate this growth of witness in the men of Park in a handful of ways. First, it looks to create events and activities for men to come to, bring friends to, and be welcomed at. Second, it looks to connect men to Park Church as a whole, by connecting men to one another. Third, men’s ministry seeks to do works of service for the community and for those around.

Contact Chris Benosky if you have questions, interest in participating in some way, or anything else.