Young Adult Group

The Young Adult Group (YAG) ministry functions as a particular kind of Community Group within the church. The group is open to all post-high school through mid 20’s:

– Tuesday nights 7:30pm – 62 Queen Anne Dr. in Shrewsbury hosted by Pat & Corinne Karl – THOUGH LOCATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE THROUGH SUMMER. EMAIL CORINNE IF UNSURE!

Our hope is to be a community of young adults that love others as God in Jesus Christ has loved us. We believe that all of us are called by God to be about good work in this world that shares His love with others. This is a time for young adults to learn more about how to do this. It is a time for us to learn more about God, to grow in our faith and then to be challenged to go into this world and share the good love of God with this world that desperately needs to hear about that love.

Who comes to this group?
This group is for anyone who would consider themselves a younger adult. Typically those who attend range in age from late teens to mid-late twenties. All types of young adults come. Some of those who attend have been in Park for years and serve and lead in our community. Some are very new to the community and are trying to figure out how God is calling them to serve and love His world. Some who attend have been Christians for years, others are new Christians and others who attend are unsure of what they believe or are having struggles with faith.

What if I am unsure of what I believe?
If you are unsure of what you believe you are more than welcome to be a part of this community. Many of us who attend are Christians and we are a distinctively Christian community. As Christians we believe that God has created everyone of us, loves us and calls us to love others wherever they are at in life. The value of any person on this planet should never be judged upon whether they have the right beliefs or whether they agree with us. I am certain that this community will love you regardless of what you believe. We will do that because God has loved all of us before we ever believed in or loved him. God has loved us and given himself for us before we ever knew anything about Him and His love for us.

You do not have to be someone who calls yourself a Christian. If you are unsure of what you believe and you choose to come, you will witness a Christian community that is thankful for God’s love and is trying to love others in response to that love. You will get a good glimpse into what a Christian community is all about.

What happens outside of Sundays?
There is always something going on in the YAG world. Many of the young adults attend Park’s worship service on Sunday morning and hang out afterwards. We have a handful of small groups that meet during the week. Small groups are a meeting of a smaller group of people (makes sense) that gather during the week to talk about life and pray for one another. We gather one Friday evening each month for a night of singing and prayer called EvenSong. We go away for a weekend twice each year on a YAG retreat. We also have a plethora of events that happen quite randomly. These include Thrift Store Tours, Acoustic Shows, Talent Shows, Park prom, Cowtown Rodeo, and Drive In Movie Theater nights.

If you would like to know more contact Corinne Karl ( or 732-530-7737).