Your Ministry

The good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ says that God has reconciled the world to Himself in Christ, and God desires that this good news be shared with all of the world. It is our belief at Park that we are all called to active ministry in this purpose and mission of God in the world. In this calling (which we are all called for), God gives our lives great dignity by deciding to include us as co-workers in His work. Park exists to help people discern this calling and to equip them for this work, in service to and glory of God.

Some are called to work with high school students, some young adults, and some helping the poor and oppressed. But that sort of specific calling is not given to everyone. You may be called to be an ambassador for Christ for the people who work at the cubicle next to you. Maybe you are called to witness God’s love to your two children in the manner that you raise them. Maybe you are called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to your neighbor by having them over for dinner or driving them to the airport. Or maybe you are called to shed the light of Christ’s life into the lives of the children you teach, the patients you assist, the employees you manage, or the guy who makes sandwiches next to you.

Whatever your specific calling may be, your ministry is important to Park because it is given to you by God. Park wants to be able to build you up and equip you for this ministry in whatever way we can. So let us know how the Park community may help!