The New Ancients

The music that is used in worship at Park Church is somewhat unique to the Park community. Most of the songs have been written and/or adapted by the tremendously talented people who are part of the community, with the goal always to ‘sing His praises best’. They’ve assmebled themselves under the name “The New Ancients” and have recorded 4 full length albums thus far: “Light for Dark Eyes,” “Every Branch a Quill,” “Glory & Dismay,” and the newest one, “Worlds Below, Worlds Above.” All 4 are dynamite. Check them out at

Some of these songs you may have heard before, as most of them are from old dusty hymn books. Give a listen on their website or on their Bandcamp page (which includes their Christmas albums and the ability to download everything!), and make sure to check out their Facebook page. The CDs are available at the worship service (and most Park events). All of the money goes to Park, its ministries, and the future recordings. Happy listening!