All About Park Church

What is Park Church?
Park Church is a multigenerational community of thankful people whose belief in God is something they would like to share with others in word and deed.

Where did we come from?
During the winter of 2002 a small number of grateful Christians in Red Bank, NJ began to dream together about how they could share the life and love they had experienced because of their faith in Jesus Christ. They wanted to invite as many people as possible into the light they found themselves glad to be in. In the spring of that year their friend Christian Andrews joined them. He decided to use his time and energy to work with them to become a community of grace, where people came to know Christ – known as Outreach Red Bank (ORB) and then, as ORB Church. Supported by many in the community, they began to meet together regularly, sharing what they believed, and welcoming all.

Where are we now?
At first they gathered in a small room in the back of a Church in Tinton Falls with a handful of high school students. Next they moved to a bigger room, in the basement of a house in Little Silver. A new group of young adults began to meet together too. Young people with a wide range of beliefs began to grow together. Soon, with old and young, both groups began to meet on Sunday evenings in the Red Bank Middle School to worship God. Next, the whole community landed in the basement of the Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Red Bank, where they met for years with an eclectic group of young adults and high school students during the week and people of all ages for Sunday worship. But, ORB moved again! Our Sunday worship was located in the center of Red Bank at Clearview Cinemas and our weekly ministry meetings meet at “the ORB basement” (ORB’s office space!). That ended, and ORB moved again (sense a theme!?!) to Monmouth Church of Christ. While there we changed our name to Park Church, as we planned (and completed!) a move to our permanent space at 31 Park Road in Tinton Falls – where we are positioned right off of the Garden State Parkway, Rt. 18, and Rt. 36…easy to get to for all of Monmouth County!

Who are we for?
The community of Park Church exists first as a thankful response to God’s love, given freely in Jesus Christ. Thus it is first of all for God, enabling its participants to join God in his gracious purposes for his world. But because God is for all people, the community of Park Church is for all people. And it’s service to all is a simple matter of pointing people toward the love and reconciling work that God has accomplished for the world in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Park Church’s community this takes many different forms, but one accessible to all is our weekly Sunday morning worship services. We also have weekly ongoing Community Groups, where groups of 8-15 adults meet to share faith and life together. There are a number of large meetings per week: for high school students on Thursday, for middle school students on Wednesdays, for young adults on Tuesdays, a group for older adults every other Wednesday night, and for people of all ages on Sunday. There are also many small groups that meet throughout the week in which people share their lives on a deeper level. Additionally, there are various monthly special events in which the community celebrates life together.

What are our goals and dreams?
Genuine experiences of God’s love always lead the one loved to want to give to others, promoting the well being of the world. Therefore, our group will continue to grow in response to God’s continuous love. In the future we hope to develop new groups for young children, robust adult ministries, and possibly college specific ministries. We believe in listening to God and being faithful to his call and promise.